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Tris-HCl? Empty
PostSubject: Tris-HCl?   Tris-HCl? EmptyThu 23 Nov - 22:06

Hey guys, awesome looking screens you have to show off there! sexahhh. I was reading the "My name is Alexandre..." text on that one black screen and noticed that you used Tris-HCl as a miracle cure for leukemia. ALl Tris-HCl is good for is making buffering solutions at around physiological pH...I guess the average guy/girl won't think twice about it but any biology/chemistry major will see it stick out like a sore thumb, it is laughable to think it has an affect on leukemia progression. Maybe change it? Very Happy
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Tris-HCl? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tris-HCl?   Tris-HCl? EmptyThu 23 Nov - 22:56

Tris HC " 1 ", but we (I!) invented it all by ourself ( with from base, the H5N1, the chicken disease), on pure hazard then we didn't know it was existing as somothing about pH Confused . anyway, thanks for this information, but honestly i think we will keep it Laughing , it sounds good to us Wink

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