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Get A life: Half-Life 2 Single Player adventure
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 [NEW] news 08-21-06 --> ALPHA 5

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PostSubject: [NEW] news 08-21-06 --> ALPHA 5   Mon 21 Aug - 15:49

We are proud to announce that Get A Life have reach the Alpha 5.0 stage. Maybe a beta version soon Wink ?
This alpha is curently under testing to fix some bugs.Here is the changelog of the futures upgrades:
Quote :

Alpha5 ChangeLog:
-Script modifications: all
-Weapons modifications : Desert Eagle and Fam90
-Maps modifications: SkyvillageB, boulevard, renaissance
-Menu and chapters modifications

- Maps adds: metro_gal, metro_inter, gal_manor01, gal_manor02
- Weapons adds: px388 (nail gun), Lightning Flare Launcher, Shotgun
- Programation adds : HUD, inventory, 3D weapons menu, and localised damages system
- Items adds
- models adds
- textures adds
- Musics adds

We have finished to program the HUD and the inventory system. Now, you will have to manage every parts of your body
( and their faintness) and stop haemorrhages...
Here are the faintnesses:
-Head : Vision trouble.
-Arms : Crosshair's tremors and decreased precision.
-Legs : Sprint function is disable
-Torso : Haemorrhages makes you lost health pts with visual/sound effects

Each body parts can be cured with healthkits.You will find and stock it in your inventory.But a special healthkit is requiered for torso hurts...

new weapon and upgrades :

Maps screenshots :

Métro :

Manoir :

The Get A Life team !!
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[NEW] news 08-21-06 --> ALPHA 5
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